Lots More Updates:

Update October 2023

My iPhone 15 has arrived! Yaaay!

I upgraded with no problems – great job AT&T!.

My new iPhone is working well. I am experiencing no overheating problems, I am seeing 6 GHz SSIDs, and I am connecting to them. Woohoo!!!

I have a big smile on my face. Now it’s time to do some testing…

Update Very Late September 2023

I finally got around to ordering the new iPhone from AT&T. Sadly, I have to wait until October 10th. Oh, woe is me!!!
The news is full of horror stories about problems with overheating, migrating, etc. Oh dear!

Update Late September 2023

Apple has announced the iPhone 15, with 6GHz support. I need to get one!

Update September 2023

Apple has announced a date for what is expected to be the iPhone 15. Everyone is hoping it will include 6GHz support.

We’ll see…

Update August 2023

My Samsung is getting lonely. It has only had 6 GHz support for like 2 years! I need to get it a friend… Apple, it’s over to you.

Summer is coming to an end. I’m hoping Apple will at last launch a 6GHz capable iPhone. I need to upgrade. My poor little iPhone 12 is getting old!

Let’s see what happens!