I’m building a Wi-Fi 6E home lab.

How do you go about building a home lab to play and experiment with Wi-Fi 6E?

Hopefully, this blog will give you some tips, based on my setup.

There are multiple choices available.

I have had a Samsung for quite a while, now, and it is totally Wi-Fi 6E capable. It has been my first tester on Wi-Fi 6E.

As I wrote about in my blog, I bought a Dell, and upgraded it with the Intel AX210 chip. This has also been used to do testing. (Link: https://6ewi-fi.com/my-story-with-6e-aps-and-clients/)

In the office, I have gotten my hands on some Meraki APs (916x) and a Cisco 9136. Coverage looks good. As per Cisco guidelines, I run 6GHz +3dB over 5GHz and I am seeing great results.
I also have a Netgear WAX630E, on “evaluation” from Netgear (thanks, Netgear!) I am using Meraki, Cisco WLC 9800, and Netgear Insights to manage my APs. I am running 6GHz SSIDs on 5 and 6 GHz.

At home, I have an Asus 6GHz AP and a Netgear 6GHz Nighthawk AP. I have also upgraded to EERO Mesh 6GHz APs.

I see all the 6GHz SSIDs with my Samsung, and my Dell, and it’s really easy to connect.

I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 15 and it connects well to 6GHz. It seems to prefer 6GHz over 5GHz and gets super speed performance.

I have no complaints at the moment. I intend to do some testing, captures, and performance tests over the coming months.

Of course, I still have my trusty Sidekick 2, from Ekahau, that can analyze and measure functionality on the three frequencies (2.4/5/6 GHz). Let’s see what happens…