Phil Morgan – Wi-Fi Wizardry

Phil is a long-time network guy. He fell in love with computers back in the 1980’s.

Phil started his work career as a miner. No, not a minor, a miner. Surface worker in a plant making those things you use to barbecue with. Catch him at a conference, buy him a beer, and he’ll bore you for hours on how they are made, how they are shaped, and how and all the toxic and nasty smelling chemicals are removed from the coal briquettes, so you have nice clean steak/burger/sausage/shrimp cooking heat sources.

As part of the job role, they made him go back to college. This is where Phil started his love affair with technology. He started in college, and has been learning and taking certification exams ever since!

Phil Morgan - Wi-Fi Wizard

After leaving the coal industry, Phil tried selling computers, and soon learned that he was better suited to building and supporting them, than selling them!

He started in a PC support role, this was back when real companies used Mini and Mainframes.

Phil studied for Novell and Microsoft certs. Moving from PC and application support into Networking. Once he discovered Cisco, this was to be his new love for the next 25+ years!

At this time Wi-Fi was just starting to appear, all proprietary, with the 802.11 group being formed to try and standardize things.

Phil earned his first CCIE in 1999, and started building, using, and supporting networks and Wi-Fi from that moment on.

Today, many, many certifications later, Phil is double CCIE #5224, CWNE #322, and CWISE #4. He has done Novell, Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, EC-Council, CWNP, and other vendors’ certifications, and has probably sat around 150 PearsonVUE exams.