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A Wi-Fi wizard
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… apologies to The Who


I have written a few blogs about 802.11ax/Wi-Fi6 and the new 6GHz frequency range over the past few years. They have been spread around on various blogs I have written.

I have now consolidated those blogs by removing them from other sources, and giving them a home here, on this new site. This site is the new home for all of these blogs and new entries as I write them.

I wanted somewhere where anyone interested in the future of Wi-Fi could go and learn. I intend this blog to be about using 802.11ax/Wi-Fi6 and the new 6GHz frequency range, I may even mention 802.11be/Wi-Fi7.

My intention is to do more than just give theory, I intend to show actual practical steps, that can be used to experience and play with these technologies – as they become available.

I also expect this to end up being a log of my journey investigating these new technologies.

These new technologies are going to change our Wi-Fi world. There are billions of devices expected to come into the market in this year (2022) alone. We need these new rules and protocols to keep our Wi-Fi fast and clear!

So read on…

I would suggest you start with the The History of Wi-Fi6 and 6 or 6E, What’s the Difference? , and take it from there.
After this, take a look at this blog – My Story with 6E APs and Clients to learn how you can start actually using these protocols today!


Fall 2023 Updates

I’m building a Wi-Fi 6E home lab. How do you go about building a home lab to play and experiment with Wi-Fi 6E? Hopefully, this blog will give you some tips, based on my setup. There are multiple choices [...]


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